Friendship Day quotes sms messages - Happy Friendship Day 2010


Friendship Day is really special for me and I think for almost every one. Friendship day is approaching and I think today is right time for new post on my blog. Lets celebrate the relation of 'friendship' - its really very special. Friendship Day is dedicated to friends and friendship.

Here are some nice Friendship day quotes for you.

“Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.”
Quote by: Elbert Hubard
“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”
Quote by: Walter Winchell
 “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”
Quote by: Unknown

Here are some nice Friendship day sms for you. 

1. "If you open my heart, guess what u r gonna see?.
It's U.
True friends are hard to find so I kept u."


2."If u r a chocolate ur the sweetest,
If u r a Teddy Bear u r the most huggable,
If u r a Star u r the Brightest,
and since u r my "FRIEND" u r the "BEST"!!!!!!!!!"


3."Sometimes, I forget to say hi,
Sometimes, I even miss to reply,
Sometimes, my message doesn't reach you,
But, it doesn't mean that I forget you,
I just giving you time to miss me!"


4."True friends will not have any reason for their friendship.
So it can never be broken when they don't find that reason.


5."A friend is a push when you have stopped, a chat when u r lonely, a guide when u r searching, a smile when u r sad, a song when u r glad."


wonderful example of (Unethical) financial management indeed

A beggar to another beggar: I had a grand dinner at Taj yesterday.
How? The other beggar asked.
First begger: Some one gave me a Rs 100/- note yesterday.

I went to Taj and ordered dinner worth Rs 1,000/-, and enjoyed the dinner.  When the bill came, I said, I had no money.
The Taj manager called the police man, and handed me over to him.

I gave the Rs 100/- note to the police fellow, and he set me free.

A wonderful example of (Unethical) financial management indeed!!

Very Good story for almost everyone in India - love your country

In a poor zoo of India, a lion was frustrated as he was offered not more than 1 kg meat a day.

The lion thought its prayers were answered when one US Zoo Manager visited the zoo and requested the zoo management to shift the lion to the US Zoo.

The lion was so happy and started thinking of a central A/c environment, a goat or two every day and a US Green Card also. On its first day after arrival,the lion was offered a big bag, sealed very nicely for breakfast.
The lion opened it quickly but was shocked to see that it contained few bananas. Then the lion thought that may be they cared too much for him as they were worried about his stomach as he had recently shifted from India .
The next day the same thing happened. On the third day again the same food bag of bananas was delivered.

The lion was so furious, it stopped the delivery boy and blasted at him, 'Don't you know I am the lion...king of the Jungle..., what's wrong with your management?, what nonsense is this?, why are you delivering bananas to me?'

The delivery boy politely said, 'Sir, I know you are the king of the jungle but .. Did you know that you have been brought here on a monkey's visa!!!
Moral of Story : Better to be a Lion in India than a Monkey elsewhere!!! !!

Effect of petrol/Fuel Price Hike

Watch out for the baby in bucket... 

               The after effect of Fuel Price Hike

Hum do humare do, jab tak teesra na ho - funny

Teacher: Tum bade hokar kya karoge ?
Student: shaadi..!!!!!!

Teacher: nahi, mera matlab hai kya banoge?.....
Student: dulha.!!!!!!!!!!!

Teacher: oh, i mean bade hokar kya hasil karoge?
Student: dulhan

Teacher: IDIOT mera matlab bade ho kar mummy papa k liye kya karoge?
Student- bahu launga

Teacher: stupid tumhare papa tumse kya chahte hai?
Student: Pota

Teacher: he bhagwan, tumari zindagi ka kya maksad hai?
Student: hum do humare do, jab tak teesra na ho...!!!!!!......
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