Petrol hike jokes - funny pictures

Petrol Prices hiked by over 10% – reaches Rs. 78.16 in Mumbai! Oil companies decided to increase the price of petrol by 7.5 rupees from midnight of 23rd may 12. Its very difficult for common people to live this country now. Cong gov is almost killing common public. Well but jokes addas job is to keep you happy in every scene, so here are some funny pics about petrol price hike. Hope you all enjoy it.

Any one looking for PETROL LOANS after last hike in petrol. Check this funny picture.

Bat man and super man have also adjusted there life after PETROL HIKE.

Petrol Price hikes many times in year, how many times you get salary hike software engineers?

Finally common man got the solution, Mut mut ke petrol tank full karo. :)