Fresh new santa banta jokes full time pass.

Here are some fresh new santa banta jokes. I know every one is tired of reading same and very old jokes every where. So here are some fresh and new jokes for you. you can also put your jokes in comments I will publish them... Enjoy.

Fresh new Santa Banta joke

Santa and his wife going to city in auto. Driver adjusted miror.
Santa shouted you are seeing my wife.
Go N sit back. I will drive auto.........


Funny Santa in school

Teacher:What is difference between Orange and Apple.
Santa:The color of Orange is Orange and the Color of Apple is not apple..


Funny Banta in school

Teacher: Tell Ur Dad`s Fullname In English.
Banta: Its Mr.FLIE GO
Teacher: R U Tryng 2 B Funny?
Banta: No, His Name In Hindi Is Makkhi JA


Funny sardar on phone

I am Deleting Ur No. 4m My Phone Bcoz I Always Send U Msgs But U Never Replied..
So Good Bye!
Santa Send This Msg 2 Customer Care.