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Examiner- ye kon sa bird hai is ki tang dekh kar batao?
Student-mujhe nahin pata sir.
Examiner-tum fail ho gaye, apna name batao?
Student-le meri tang dekh kar bata.

Question by Intelligent Student

If A Single Teacher Can't Teach Us All The Subjects,


How Could You Expect A Single Student To Learn Six Subject..??


Commerce professor asks the student: what is the most important source of finance for starting business?

Student: "Father in law".


Exams Life

9am- Wake-up
10am- Breakfast
11am- Thinking 2 score 80%
12am- Watch TV
1pm- Lunch
2pm- Thori neend le k parhenge dimagh set hoga ..
4pm- Games
5pm- Thinking 2 score 60%
6pm- Troubling friends
"kuch parha?"
8pm- Searching books.
9pm- Dinner
10pm- Lo bhae light gai.
11pm- Ae Khuda! Bus pass kara de...
12pm- kal se pakka parhenge...


Be A Programmer

Teacher Gave Him Punishment
To Write 5000 Times
"I Will Not Throw Paper Airplanes In Class..."
And Submit It Tomorrow.

Next Day, He Submitted The Paper Written

Void Main( )
Clrscr( );Int N;
For( N=1 ; N<=5000 ; N++ ) Printf("I Will Not Throw Paper Airplanes In Class"); Getch( ); } Be A Programmer ... Think Differently _______________________________________________________________ Shayari of students

Kehdo un padhne walon se,
Kabhi hum bhi padha kertay thay,
Jitna syllabus padh k wo top kertay hain,
Utna to hum choice per chod dia kertay thay