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Doctor and lawyer jokes

A Doctor and lawyer loved same girl.

lawyer started giving an apple to the girl everyday.

Doctor asked: why??

lawyer : An apple a day keeps the doctor away!


Doctor Sardar

A man comes into the Emergency Room and yells, "My wife’s going
To have her baby in the cab!" Dr. grabbed his stuff, rushed out to the cab,
Lifted the lady’s dress, and began to take off her underwear. Suddenly
Dr. Sardar noticed that there were several cabs, and he was in the wrong one.


A woman visited a Doctor.
Woman: Doctor, I have a problem. I am...

Doctor: I know your problem. You always dream that you have become a horse, right?

Woman: How do you know?!

Doctor: Your pony tail hair style.


Silly Doctor

Mr. Jones: Doctor, my son is having a problem.

He plugged up his ear and nose with chilies. Now he is screaming.

Doctor: That means he is not eating properly.


Silly Patient

Doctor: Here is the medicine. Take four spoons daily.

Patient: But I don’t have four spoons in house. Do I have to buy one?


Husband, Wife and Doctor Joke

Doctor: Your husband needs a proper rest. Here are some sleeping tablets.
Woman: When will he have these?
Doctor: It’s for you, not for him.